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With the vast array of opportunities and challenges between Australia and ASEAN, there are thousands of passionate young people who are playing an important role in building the a more connected and vibrant future for our neighbourhood.

As our region becomes more connected, transnational questions pose both a higher risk but also a greater opportunity to come together to effectively solve these issues. Understanding how these complex problems affect the region, and strengthening patterns of cooperation and dialogue is essential for designing appropriate solutions. We believe that providing a platform for young people to engage with debates will bring new perspectives, innovative thinking and a range of experiences to the table.



What is Horizon’s Mission?

✔️ Develop a network of youth expertise by empowering the next generation of thought leaders on regional affairs
✔️ Provide nuanced analyse of opportunities, pressing problems and latest news
✔️ Inspire greater interest and understanding of regional affairs, particularly issues of mutual interest to both Australia and ASEAN amongst youth
✔️ Create a platform to advocate for a stronger, more connected youth generation committed to regional peace and prosperity, including promoting human rights, a rules-based international system, and sustainable development

Writing guide
Articles (800 words max) should be in the style of an Op Ed with relevant sources hyperlinked in the body of the text. You should include appropriate data, contextual information and recommendations. You are welcome to make your own infographics or visual tools.


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