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Finance Manager

Finance Manager will be responsible for financial reporting, and providing analysis on financial performance.

Website Manager

Website Manager will update, design and implement attractive and functional landing pages for our official websites

AAYLF Logistics Officer

Logistics Officers will be responsible for supporting the various logistical elements of the event.

People & Culture Officer

The People and Culture Officer will oversee volunteer engagement, ensuring a positive experience for volunteers at every stage.

Alumni & Community Officer

Successful candidate will be responsible for financial reporting, and providing analysis on financial performance.

AAYLF Delegates Officer

The Forum Delegates Officer will craft the delegates engagement experience of the Forum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions regarding available roles, AASYP’s recruitment process, or anything related to recruitment, you can contact our People and Culture Team at

The recruitment process will generally commence with an online application. If you are shortlisted, you will then be contacted via email to meet with our team for an interview to get to know you and your skills and experiences better. 

We do receive many applications for each role. Whilst we wish we could take on everyone who applies, this means our recruitment is usually quite competitive. We do, however, have a range of roles from entry-level to experienced Directors! In our recruitment process we also place a big emphasis on passion for our mission, drive to improve, and willingness to make and learn from mistakes. As such, even if you aren’t quite sure you have the technical experience for a role, we would encourage you to apply! Even if you are not successful, we are able to provide feedback that can assist you to improve for a future recruitment round. 

We will generally contact you via email. If you’re expecting an email please ensure you are regularly checking your spam/junk mail as our emails sometimes end up there!

Absolutely! Even if you have previously not been selected for a role we would strongly encourage you to reapply!

At AASYP we believe in the importance of diversity in delivering well-informed and effective programs. We also strive to create organic connections between young Southeast Asians and Australians. 


As a result, we’ve implemented a Co-Director role, and in 2022 we are striving to ensure each Co-Director partnership is comprised of one young person from Southeast Asia and one young person from Australia. If you see a role advertised only for someone from Southeast Asia or Australia, its most likely because we have already filled the counterpart in the Co-Director partnership. 

All of our teams operate on a remote basis, given our volunteers are spread all across Australia and Southeast Asia! For once-off in-person events we gather taskforces of local volunteers to design and implement the initiative. 

You don’t need to be a member to apply! Your membership status will, however, be taken into account during the recruitment process as this demonstrates support of AASYP and commitment to our mission. If you are successful, you will be required to become an AASYP member. 

To be an AASYP volunteer, you must be a young person aged 18-29 from Southeast Asia or Australia. Our volunteers are currently spread across Cambodia, Laos PDR,  Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Myanmar, and live in many different cities in each country!

Yes, all roles currently advertised are on a voluntary basis. AASYP is a volunteer-led organisation driven by passionate young volunteers!

Most roles at AASYP will either have a 6 or 12-month commitment. The bottom of each role description will state the term length relevant to the specific role!

To volunteer at AASYP, you must meet one, or both, of the following criteria: 

  • You identify as being of Australian and/or ASEAN member state nationality (this does not mean you need to formally hold citizenship)
  • You reside in an ASEAN member state or Australia