Meet The Team


Our Operations teams create connections that give young people a voice on the complex issues in the region that need to be solved together. 

Diplomacy Director

Edward Lichtig

Eddy is studying a Bachelor of Science and Global Studies at Monash University, majoring in Geographical Sciences and International Relations. He has an avid interest in international affairs, previously working for and advising Politicians in both Australia and the Middle East and is currently working for numerous organisations in Youth Education, Diplomacy and Politics in Australia and the ASEAN region.


Eddy has completed two short-term mobility programs in Paris, France, and also completed a long-term mobility program in the Middle East for two years. He has a passion for youth empowerment and advocacy, aiming to create a platform for Youth voices at the highest levels of business, corporations and government.

Diplomacy Director

Michelle Lam

Michelle is a recent UWA graduate with an interest in international law.


She has interned with research groups such as the Modern Slavery Research Cluster and the Centre for Muslim States and Societies

Policy and Research Manager

Lauren Twine

Lauren is a young professional, postgraduate student, and volunteer passionate about diplomacy and public policy. Currently working in Diplomatic Relations and Protocol at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in the Government of South Australia, she has demonstrated expertise in research, analysis, and written advice across a range of matters in international engagement and diplomatic relations.


Lauren’s childhood in Singapore embedded in her a firm passion for ASEAN-Australia relations. More recently, she has specialised in Indonesia, having conducted research with Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre on gendered experiences of Aceh’s civil conflict, 2004 tsunami, and post-conflict/tsunami societal reconstruction. Lauren is also an alumna of DFAT’s Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP), where she completed an internship with Banda Aceh-based NGO, Forum Bangun Aceh. Lauren is also the Careers Director for Young Australians in International Affairs, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and a former South Australian Youth Parliamentarian.



Policy and Research Officer

Mokhammad Ardafillah

Mokhammad Ardafillah is an experienced law specialist with a demonstrated history of working in research and higher education industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Universitas Gadjah Mada with law and government as his concentration and a master’s degree in law from the Australian National University with specialization of international law.


He is the recipient of a number of prestigious scholarships during his studies and participant in many notable regional youth programs such as ASEAN Youth Volunteering Program (AYVP) 2018 in Malaysia and Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) 2019 In Thailand. Formerly, he served as a research assistant at Center for Energy Studies Universitas Gadjah Mada and Department of Tax Law Universitas Gadjah Mada. Currently, he is acting as the Country Ambassador of Student Energy for Indonesia and Philippines.

Policy and Research Officer

Dhini Hardiyanti

Dee is a Monash University graduate who enjoys all things related to international affairs and youth empowerment.


She is passionate about meeting new people and always keen to contribute to causes that positively impact society, particularly in the context of ASEAN, Indonesia, and Australia.

Policy and Research Officer

Shafiqa Harun

My name is Shafiqa Harun and I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Monash University Malaysia. I am also a co-founder of SHAAF Enterprise; an official distributor of Malaysian hijab brand in Brunei. I am a critical thinker with a background in International Relations, Gender and Communication Studies.


I am passionate in discussions and dialogue of women’s rights and children’s issues as well as modern slavery. I am experienced in fast paced start up cultures and always curious. I am also obsessed with books and spend most of my time reading to compensate all the book that I bought but never got to finish reading.

Policy and Research Officer

Lutfil Hadi Azmi

Lutfil recently graduated from University of Malaya, Malaysia with a degree in International and Strategic Studies. Previously, he interned at the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. He was also a TEMASEK Foundation scholar at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore majoring in Public Policy and Global Affairs.


His research interests include non-traditional security, gender and environmental governance. Outside of work and research, Lutfil loves reading, cooking and K-drama.

Policy and Research Officer

Nabila Aisyah

Nabila is a currently pursuing a degree in Journalism, Media and Screen Studies, and International Affairs from Northeastern University. She is a recipient of Northeastern’s Presidential Global Scholarship and International Scholarship Award.


She is passionate about diplomacy and working with international organizations in communications. She has professional experience in public information management, having worked as a Strategic Communications Graduate Professional for United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research and as a current communications volunteer for United Nations Development Programme.

Special Projects Director

Jennifer Min

Jennifer is studying Laws and Economics at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, while exploring her interests in international affairs. Having lived in Asia, Europe and various parts of Australia, she has developed a passion for fostering cross-cultural relations. Hence her involvement in the U.S. Consulate General’s Youth Advisory Council and other international projects. In her spare time, she can often be found cycling and ice skating or drifting into the world of music and world history.


Eddy has completed two short-term mobility programs in Paris, France, and also completed a long-term mobility program in the Middle East for two years. He has a passion for youth empowerment and advocacy, aiming to create a platform for Youth voices at the highest levels of business, corporations and government.

Special Projects Director

Jessie Nguyen

Diplomacy Program Manager

Joshua Preece

Joshua is a Wiradjuri and Torres Strait Islander man who grew up in Rockhampton, in Central Queensland, and is currently based in Sydney working as a doctor at Bupa. He holds a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland. He has worked across government and the private sector including global law firm Dentons and professional services firm Deloitte.


Outside of his work in clinical medicine, he maintains an active interest in foreign affairs and diplomacy. This has included serving as a Youth Advisor to the U.S. Consulate-General in Sydney, working on the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association’s Indigenous Engagement Committee, and serving as a delegate to the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit.



Diplomacy Program Officer

Patrick Nexxus Pasia

Patrick graduated with a degree in Physics at the University of the Philippines. He plans to pursue postgraduate studies in Medical Physics and Engineering.


As an aspiring scientist, he believes that science and technology is not independent from politics, and that the goals of scientific research and technological innovation should always be aligned with addressing sociopolitical issues.

Diplomacy Program Officer

Muhammad Kenzo Baskoro

Enzo is an aspiring student of International relations in Tokyo with former experience in project management and communication strategy. Prior to his application with AAYSP He was involved in several projects working with the communication and branding team. He was a communication intern in ASEAN foundation institution in Jakarta.


His former projects in the institution including his contribution to the promotion of ASEAN brand with the youth through media strategy, promoting ASEAN youth project into focus. Recently, through his former works in the communication team with ASEAN he was selected as a communication associate with London Politica, A pro-bono political risk organization based in London.


Working through volunteering means. Kenzo is also an ASEAN enthusiast, having been contributed to ASEAN led youth program before this when he was selected Indonesian representatives for ASEAN Youth Leadership Program. Through his experience, Kenzo enjoys investing time with challenges given and utilize them into potential. He currently seeking learning opportunities to re-learn and grow personally and professionally.

Diplomacy Program Officer

Eloise Skoss

Eloise is a young professional currently working in the mental health policy space in a government role. She has previous volunteer and intern experience working on advocacy and global policy issues in the non-profit sector. Eloise has a wide range of policy interests including modern slavery, global healthcare and vaccine equity, and building partnerships to protect against the impacts of climate change.


She is passionate about building multisectoral solutions to global policy problems. Eloise has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science in Population Health from the University of Western Australia and is currently undertaking a Master of Public Policy at the Australian National University.



Diplomacy Program Officer

Julia Beard

Julia is currently working for the WA State Government and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics. She has a wealth of experience in research and analysis as well as being a skilled presenter.


Julia is passionate about empowering young people and giving them a platform to engage meaningfully in policymaking and political discourse. She has previously dedicated her time to YMCA WA’s Youth Parliament Program and Ignite Mentoring.

Delegates Officer

Shabib Rizvi

Shabib has diverse experiences in academia, the Australian Public Service and the APEC Secretariat in Singapore. These experiences include administering support to Australia’s innovation system, developing policy to support businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic and studying connectivity in the APEC region.


Shabib is also currently studying a Master of Diplomacy at the Australian National University.

Delegates Officer

Sopanha Chin

Panha has grown up in the comfort environment, but he dares to take challenge for fulfilling his passion and his youthful potentiality. He is currently a junior majoring in Department of International Studies, Institute of Foreign Languages, Phnom Penh Cambodia. He is willing to spark change in variety issues across Cambodia, particularly gender inequality and girl safety.


He applied for AASYP which he believes that this organization would bridge his dream and passion into practicality and achievements. As a student in the field of international relations, Diplomacy Delegate officer suit him the best.

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