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Digital Events

Digital Events Director

Cassidy Sneikus

Cassidy Sneikus is currently completing her Master in National Security Policy at the Australian National University, with a focus on the relationships between Australia and ASEAN states, geoeconomics, and regional disputes.


Alongside her studies, Cassidy is a passionate youth advocate, detailed in her work with UN Youth Australia, Young Australians in International Affairs, and the Global Shapers Hub.


Experienced in project management, she has been involved with and led various in-person and online events, aimed at empowering young people and strengthening connections across Australia and the Indo-Pacific.


Digital Events Director

Nabila Khoiru Nisa

Formerly worked in the Indonesia-Australia sphere with the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), Lala discovered her passion for cross-cultural understanding.


As a graduate of International Relations specialising in Peace and Conflict Studies, she is also enthusiastic about social development and driving business accountability.

Digital Events Officer

Edwin Lai

Edwin recently graduated with a double degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Australia. From 2017 to 2018, he studied at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and interned at Arup in Singapore as a New Colombo Plan Scholar.


Edwin has also worked in Cardno’s International Development team, where he gained a deeper appreciation of the role of capacity building and sustainable development while delivering infrastructure projects across ASEAN and South Pacific countries.


Edwin is currently a Graduate Transport Engineer at the global engineering consultancy Jacobs, working on city-shaping projects to improve personal mobility and connectivity between communities. He is passionate about cross-cultural collaboration and the use of emerging technologies to create a more sustainable world for everyone.

Digital Events Officer

Adam Fathir

Adam is a 3rd-year student studying public relations at Telkom University, Indonesia. He experienced in project management & event management over the last three years.


He has a high interest in starting his career in the business side of a tech company. Adam is a passionate person who loves to work in a challenging and diverse environment.

Digital Events Officer

Adi Sulistiyanto

I am a final year Master of Applied Economics & Econometrics and Chinese language student at Monash University, Melbourne. I am planning to work in the consulting industry and am committed to pursuing an international career in Asia.


I grew up in Singapore and spent three semesters of my undergraduate degree in Indonesia on the ACICIS exchange program where I studied Indonesian language and international relations at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta and Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung.


I believe the opportunities for collaboration and business between the ASEAN countries and Australia are limitless and am excited to make a contribution towards realising them.

Digital Events Officer

Ong Wen Chieh

Born and raised in Malaysia, Winsley appreciates and cherishes the diverse cultures of his country and aspires to uphold the multicultural identity of Malaysia. Winsley loves to experience different adventures and commits himself in gaining new knowledge and skills. He always seeks opportunities for self-empowerment and aims to spread kindness to people around him.


Besides being an undergraduate of International Relations at University of London @ Singapore Institute of Management that further fuels his interests in current affairs and geopolitical issues, Winsley is also passionate about youth and women empowerment, among a growing list of many other social issues. His interest in ASEAN began when he attended the ASEAN Youth Conference 2018 in Singapore and is currently involved with an ASEAN-related youth organisation in Malaysia (AYAN Malaysia).


As a bibliophile, he loves collecting books and enjoys gaining inspiration from watching movies. He looks forward to visiting Australia and ASEAN countries again!

Digital Events Officer

Patricia Alcantara

Patricia began pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2019 to learn about how political institutions can be used to improve human welfare.


She is currently enrolled at the Ateneo de Manila University, located in the Philippines.

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