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Spotlight Series

Our campaign shines a light on incredible young leaders in our region that are making positive social impact in their communities across ASEAN and Australia.

Apply now to amplify your impact and inspire young people as a future leader of our region!

Deadline for applications and nominations 
30 September 2020

What is AASYP Spark?

AASYP Spark is the premier resource and inspiration hub for young changemakers across ASEAN and Australia, presented by AASYP and supported by the Australia-ASEAN Council. It aims to equip and inspire young people to begin creating impact in their communities. 

The AASYP Spotlight Series is part of Spark’s resource and inspiration hub, dedicated to highlighting the incredible work that young people are doing across ASEAN and Australia. We are looking for young leaders who are creating impact in their community to be featured in a professional video interview about their passion projects and their journey as changemakers.

We want our Spotlight Series to touch the hearts of young people, and ignite their passion to make a difference.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for young people who are:

  • 18-29 years old
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Australia or an ASEAN member state
  • Creating a tangible impact in their community or in their field of work or study
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities and initiative 
  • Eager to share their story to inspire others

Selected leaders will work with the AASYP team to record a short video that highlights their work and their leadership to inspire young people from across ASEAN and Australia.

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Why should I apply?

As a featured Young Leader, you will have the opportunity to bring attention to your work and serve as a role model for other young leaders looking to make a difference.

Become a role model for other young leaders

As a featured Young Leader, you will have the opportunity to bring attention to your work and serve as a role model for other young leaders looking to make a difference.

Showcase your skills and impact on a high-quality and professional platform

This is an opportunity to highlight your leadership skills and have your efforts recognised as an emerging leader in the ASEAN-Australian region. Showcasing your impact in your volunteering, work or studies as an example of youth leadership is a unique opportunity to highlight your skills and impact on a high-quality and professional platform.

Grow your network across ASEAN and Australia

Expand your networks by engaging with the Spark platform which
will be promoted across ASEAN and Australia as a resource for young people looking to begin
their own projects.

Are You a Young Leader or Do You Know a Young Leader?

The Spotlight Series seeks to recognise the achievements of young people across ASEAN and Australia in making positive social impact in their communities and on the causes they are passionate about.

If you are a young leader making a difference we would love to hear from you! 

We would also love to hear from you if you know someone whose work or leadership is inspiring.


  • Creative problem solvers
  • Curious global citizens
  • Emerging community leaders

No. While we encourage you to register in teams of 2-4 people, you can also sign up as an individual. We will try our best to match you with 2-3 people with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Not at all! We welcome ideas and projects from participants of all backgrounds, including creative arts and industries, communications and marketing, business, law and international relations, health, sciences, engineering and more. All you need to do is develop an idea and pitch it to the judging panel. 

However, you are more than welcome to submit a prototype and/or video demonstration of your idea to be shortlisted as a finalist. 


Once registrations close on Sunday 13 September, we will send you an email to check that you are still interested in participating. When you confirm, we will try our best to put you in a team within 3-5 days so you can access the online skills module released on Monday 25 September.

Not at all – teams will only need to submit a short 3 minute video to explain their idea by Sunday 4 October. When submitting, teams will need to complete a short form so that we have your names and contact information to follow up any issues. Judges will select finalist teams to pitch on Saturday 31 October. 

Yes! All of the sessions will be run online through Zoom and Slack. This is a collaborative workspace that will require you to use your desktop computer, camera and microphone.

All ideas submitted during the challenge remain the intellectual property of the participants that developed them.

Apply or Nominate!

The deadline for applications and nominations is 30 September 2020.

Are you our next Videographer?


AASYP Spotlight Series is looking for talented videographers from across the region to capture video interviews with the selected young leaders in their home communities. 

Videographers will be required to film raw footage of the selected young leader from their country during one afternoon or morning in October (approx duration 4 hours). The footage will be sent to the AASYP team to be edited into a 5-7 minute video interview feature for the Spotlight Series. 

If you are a videographer, please submit a quick expression of interest here:

Contact Us

Send us an email at spotlight.series@aasyp.org

Thank you to our partners.

We are incredibly grateful the support of our partners in promoting this youth-led initiative and their contribution to strengthening the relationships of young people across our region.