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What is an AASYP Membership?

Exclusive opportunities, resources, discounted events, a dedicated newsletter and the opportunity to tap into our wide networks are just a few of the benefits of AASYP Membership. Members can take on leadership roles within the organisation and vote at our Annual General Meeting. 

Through consultation and surveys, Members benefit from being able to shape the type of events AASYP runs and to join events with the highest calibre speakers and guests to enrich your leadership journey in the ASEAN-Australia region. 

Our membership benefits are shaped around the following 3 pillars:

Build your knowledge
of ASEAN-Australia affairs

Access opportunities to engage in regional relations

Create connections
to solve regional problems together

AASYP is a registered charity, and Members who sign up support AASYP to continue our efforts to enhance regional relations between Southeast Asia and Australia.

This support allows us to put youth engagement at the forefront of regional agendas and decision-making.

Discounted events, exclusive opportunities

We can’t wait to have you join our member community.

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