Fresh perspectives and bright visions from youth across Southeast Asia and Australia


Reflections from Dao Nguyen, AASYP’s first Publications director and retiring Non-executive director
ASEAN-Australia Review 2020: Empowering youth voices in the region
The Negative Externalities of the Linguistic Convenience Industry
We Are in This Together but Not in the Same Way: COVID-19 and Migrant Health Challenges in Thailand
Thinking Big: reflections on four qualities of a great Non-Executive Board Director

Politics & Security

Mainstreaming Women, Peace, and Security in ASEAN
ASEAN and the relationship between the US and China in 2020
Transparent information is vital to ASEAN states’ responses to COVID-19
Refugees in Southeast Asia: Avenues for Action in ASEAN and Australia

Society & Culture

Political Dynasties and their Guns, Goons, and Gold Plague One of Asia’s Oldest Democracies
Mental Health Apps in ASEAN: From Clinical and Digital to Ethical Discourse
Mainstreaming Women, Peace, and Security in ASEAN
The Benefits of Knowing Multiple Languages in Increasing Youth Employability
Environmental protection key in preventing future disease outbreaks in ASEAN

Business & Economy

Call me a Worker, not a Slave: Domestic Servitude in Indonesia as a reflection on modern slavery
The untold impacts of the digital divide
Are expectations for the IA-CEPA too high?
Tackling Poverty Amidst COVID-19 in Indonesia

Together at Home

In this series, our team of remotely-working editors from across Australia and Southeast Asia, explore how their daily lives have changed and ways in which their local communities are responding to COVID-19.

Our Horizons Blog seeks to empower youth voices and build knowledge on Australian and Southeast Asian culture, economics, and politics.

The views and opinions expressed in the featured articles are those of the author.

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