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Meet the passionate group of young people from across ASEAN and Australia committed to building knowledge, inspiring engagement and creating connections between our region’s next generation of leaders.

Board and Executive

The AASYP Board provides the governance and strategy oversight required of a registered charity. Board members are elected at an annual general meeting. The executive manages the day-to-day operations of AASYP including leading our marketing, operations and financial activities. 

Communications Team

The AASYP Communications Team is at the heart of our contact with audiences across the region. Through promoting opportunities, sharing information, human story-telling and interactive social media campaigns, our Communications team builds knowledge, inspires engagement and creates connections between young people across the region.

Digital Events Team

Our Digital Events team leads engagement with young people from across Australia and Southeast Asia. The team builds knowledge of ASEAN-Australia relations through high quality digital events promoting cultural understanding and professional development pillars. These curated opportunities equip youth with the knowledge, skills and resources to engage with challenges relevant to their own communities, and advocate for youth involvement in policy making and agenda setting across ASEAN and Australia.

Publications Team

Our Publications team gives young people a voice on the complex issues in the region that need to be solved together. Our Horizons Blog seeks articles that build knowledge on Australian and Southeast Asian culture, economics, and politics. We explore ASEAN’s role as a multilateral institution in international relations, especially its strategic partnership relationship with Australia. In addition, we promote discussion of regional issues and how youth can drive change.

Operations Team

Our Operations teams create connections that give young people a voice on the complex issues in the region that need to be solved together. In addition to our Publications and Digital Events teams, the team includes our Australia-Indonesia Modern Slavery Project team, our Alumni engagement portfolio and our Operations Advisor.

Perth Hub

The Perth Hub of the ASEAN-Australian Strategic Youth Partnership is at the forefront of inspiring understanding of the ASEAN region amongst Western Australian young people. WA is strategically and geographically well-positioned to constructively engage with our region.

Singapore & Melbourne Hubs

Singapore and Melbourne are cosmopolitan cities and bustling centres of knowledge, business and expertise. As AASYP’s newest hubs for 2020, our Singapore and Melbourne Hubs will harness strong partnerships with local universities, government bodies, NGOs and businesses to facilitate connections between partners and our community of Australians and Southeast Asians. 

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