Melbourne Hub

Based in Victoria, Australia, the Melbourne Hub offers unique opportunities for young people to learn about in ASEAN-Australia affairs and connect with fellow youth in the space through leadership programmes and events.


A major cosmopolitan city, Melbourne is a hub for business, education and culture. The Melbourne AASYP hub will promote the Australian-ASEAN relationship through introducing young people to a broad range of knowledge-building and professional opportunities. Bolstered by strong institutional collaborations, this hub will contribute to a vibrant community of Australians and Southeast Asians passionate about tackling pressing problems and laying the groundwork for stronger regional relations.


We currently do not have any opportunities available, but you can stay updated with Melbourne based opportunities on our Facebook group. 

Upcoming Events

Internationalising Victoria’s Education Sector Towards Southeast Asia

Friday 3 July
12pm AEST / 9am VN
Facebook Live Event

Meet the Team


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