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A platform for ASEAN and Australia youth aged 18-29 years old to have a voice on complex problems of the region that need to be addressed together

Since 2019.

We bridge connections between young people across ASEAN and Australia

The ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) empowers young people aged 18-29 years old from across ASEAN and Australia to engage with each other and the most pressing issues of today.


We build young people’s expertise and engagement with ASEAN-Australia affairs, and provide tangible opportunities for young people to engage in promoting peace and prosperity across the relationship.


Using our platform we build knowledge, inspire engagement and create connections to give young people a voice on the complex regional issues that need to be solved together.

Our Story.

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) was founded by New Colombo Plan scholars and alumni who identified a lack of understanding between the people of Australia and Southeast Asia.
Established under the principles of international cooperation, the organisation is designed to equip future leaders with the skills, networks and knowledge to respond to the geopolitical challenges of the twenty-first century.
The inaugural ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum in 2019 provided the region’s emerging young leaders with the opportunity to connect with each other, develop their leadership skills and professional networks in a four–day intensive programme.

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