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AASYP Review 2019

10 young thought leaders give their take on the challenges and opportunities of ASEAN-Australia cooperation. Edited by Đăng Đạo Nguyễn and Jesse Elias Christian, designed by Lee Bing Tan. 

Message from the Editors

The inaugural edition of the AASYP Review: Towards a Flourishing ASEAN-Australia Relationship: Youth Perspectives, has three primary areas of focus, all of which were deemed to be of considerable importance in the ASEAN-Australia space.  The perspectives and solutions offered in the AASYP, we believe are unique, in that they represent those of young people from a myriad of backgrounds, cultures, and languages, coming together with a common cause.

It is the collective ambition of the team behind the AASYP Review that this publication will serve as a number of functions. Firstly, the AASYP Review aims to provide a platform in which the youth can voice their opinions on issues relating to politics, economics and regional collaboration and be heard.

Secondly, through mutual discussion and interregional dialogue, the AASYP review intends to build the mutual knowledge and understanding of ASEAN and Australia throughout the region. Finally, the AASYP review offers the unique insights and input of young people within the region into the ASEAN-Australia Policy space, whilst advocating for greater regional and interregional cooperation for purposes of mutual advancement.

It is our most profound desire that you, the reader, derive some kind of benefit as a result of reading this book, and come to acknowledge the power, and untapped potential of regional youth in facilitating deeper and more meaningful collaboration in ASEAN and Australian.

–   Đăng Đạo Nguyễn and Jesse Elias Christian


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