Meet The Team


People and Culture Director

Dian Dini Primadani

As an individual who drives her interests in intercultural relations, social justice, and language, my passion leads me to being involved in public services organisations.


One of the most intriguing experiences was to being the leader of The Indonesian Student Association of Adelaide University. One of the main responsibilities that I held was to assist new Indonesian students to adjust their lives and studies alongside the study periods.


Moreover, I also came up with 8 divisions such as Internal Gathering Division, Academic and Research Division, Finance Division, Media Division, Social Community Division, Public Relations Division, Sports Division, and Arts Division. Each division had different aims to promote different events that engaged the new student’ involvement in building their interpersonal skills.


In addition, to appreciate and celebrate the students’ hard work, the teams and I usually hold a back-for-good event. The event is mainly designed to strengthen the bonds among the students.



People and Culture Director

Reykha Mega Pratiwi

Reykha is a part-time professional singer and a full-time IR student.


Accomplished a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Institute of Social and Political, IISIP Jakarta, Indonesia.


I believed how Soft Diplomacy acts a huge role in preserving universal peace. In the last 4-years, I have been involved in the Indonesian Diaspora organizations and gain experience by working abroad in Guiyang, China.


I realized that cultural identity is a collective challenge in moving forward into regional to geopolitical challenges.

People and Culture Officer

Maria Vianca Jasmin Anglo

Vianca Anglo studied Psychology at the University of the Philippines Diliman and graduated as Magna Cum Laude. Afterwhich, she became a student in the United Nations Geneva where she collaborated with an international humanitarian team on a policy paper on the management of pandemics and epidemics, as well as, its economic implications. Currently, she is the Board Representative for Mental Health and Urban Poor in the United Nations Youth Advisory Board.


She is a passionate, endlessly curious, and reliable individual who has the heart to serve the vulnerable communities and her nation. She wants to take up higher studies in International Relations and positively impact the world through quality education, public health, good governance, and civil society.

Community Officer

James Nathaniel Refugio

James Nathaniel Refugio is a Licensed Professional Teacher in the Philippines. He graduated from Ateneo de Naga University with flying colors in 2017 and taking his Master in Mathematics in the same institution. Currently, he is a Juris Doctor Student and Antonio Moran Scholar at the University of Nueva Caceres.


Right now, he is working for the City Government of Naga who was assigned in various leadership roles designations, from being an Executive Assistant to the City Mayor, Training Development Officer, Director of Student Affairs up to now as an Instructor I of the City College of Naga of the same institution.


Alongside being the local organization administrator, he also dedicated his time to various training developments and learning opportunities. In fact, he graduated from all 17 courses in JCI in less than four months and conducted these JCI courses across the Asia Pacific in the same year.

Moreover, he is one of the JCI top trainers in the newest JCI course, Engage, Empower and Grow which focused on the local organization membership growth, recruitment, and retention.


Community Officer

Benna Febrysha Azzahra

Benna completed her degree from University of Indonesia, majoring in Civil Engineering. She currently works in Ministry of Public Works and Housing.


Coming from a STEM background does not discourage her enthusiasm and interests in public policy, sustainable development and many more.


A Philomath who loves doing any sports, eating any foods and travelling anywhere.

Perth Project Officer

Conor McLaughlin

Conor McLaughlin is the Research Coordinator in the Defence Research and Engagement portfolio at Edith Cowan University (ECU) through the Australian Department of Defence. In addition, Conor is also a researcher at the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC), through the Department of Home Affairs.


In both cases, his research analyses the evolution of security challenges facing Australia. Previously, he was a Research Analyst at the Association of Foreign Affairs (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen) at Lund University in Sweden, analysing the emerging geopolitical challenges facing the Indo-Pacific region.


Having completed his Bachelor of Arts in Global Politics and Policy (Honours) at Murdoch University, Conor has received a number of scholarships throughout his undergraduate tenure. These include, an Australian Government Endeavour Scholarship, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation Scholarship, NATO-EU Scholarship, as well as a scholarship from both the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Estonian Ministry of Defence respectively.

Perth Project Officer

Tara Duane

Tara has recently graduated with a Master of International Relations from the University of Western Australia.


She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations. Tara has a strong interest in advancing the ASEAN-Australia relationship which is evident in the opportunities she has chosen to pursue throughout her time at university.


Tara has completed internships at the Perth USAsia Centre and the East-West Centre in Washington, DC and was selected to participate in an International Collaborative Study Program in Jakarta.

Melbourne Project Officer

Noah Wright

Hello, my name is Noah Wright. I am a 22 year old student of politics and language, originating from Melbourne, Australia.


My passions are surfing, exploring, meeting new people and enjoying every moment I can. I will be a friendly and bright part of the ASSYP team, so please reach out if you want to get involved. 

Melbourne Project Officer

Daniel Phelan

Dan is a fourth year Arts/IT and Diploma of Languages student majoring in International Relations, Computer Networks and Security & Mandarin Studies, and a minor in History.


Dan has a strong interest in foreign affairs, security and history particularly in relation to China and Chinese politics. Outside of uni Dan also loves an array of sports and films, alongside seeing live music.


Dan spent most of his teens living in Singapore, where he graduated high school and moved back to Melbourne to study at Monash. Dan has also spent a couple of month studying in Shanghai over a summer intensive program.


Dan is excited to bring his passion for Asia and the Indo-Pacific to the Melbourne hub and build new relationships between like-minded youth from all over the region.

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