Meet The Team


Content Director

Klarissa Evelin

Klarissa Evelin is a digital marketer at an e-commerce enabler company in Southeast Asia. Previously, she has worked in digital communication consultancy firms for two years, handling communications projects in social media content and strategies, media analytics, and social listening scopes for Chevron, Uniqlo, and WWF Indonesia, and other brands.


She is passionate about digital communication and technology trends, art, and social-cultural issues. In her free time, Klarissa teaches piano, draws, and grabs a latte while listening to some chill indie-pop songs.

Creative Director

Madison Borgman

Madison Borgman is AASYP’s newest Creative Director leading a team of graphic designers and video editors.


Her background in visual arts, culture, and marketing design enables her to produce on-brand and fresh visuals to lead marketing campaigns for AASYP.



Website Director

Joshua Choi

Joshua is currently studying International Security Studies / Law at the Australian National University.


Born in Indonesia and raised in Australia by Korean parents, he loves connecting with people from unique and diverse backgrounds.


Areas of interest include security, middle powers, diaspora, media and… space!

Content Creator

Trang Dau

Hi, I’m Trang. I’m 20 years old and currently a 2nd year Vietnamese international student at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Media and Communication.


I’m interested in various types of media including photography, design, and videography. Therefore, I’ve been trying to participate in a number of clubs and organisation in the media related role to improve my skills and develop a career path upon it.

Content Creator

Mai Phuong Vu

I’m originally from Vietnam and currently pursuing my BA at the University of Melbourne in Australia, majoring in Politics and International relations.


When I don’t get lost in philosophical verses or do diplomacy at Model UN, I also enjoy journalistic writing, social-cultural studies, and Asian languages.


During my summer in Vietnam, I participated in various community projects that advocate public healthcare equity and social-stigma interventions.

Content Creator

Dea Salsabila Defri

Dea is currently studying at the University of Airlangga majoring in International Relations.


She is interested in being involved in an organization that has a vision to strengthen bilateral, international relations with his country.


Dea often gets involved and does digital marketing such as design, copywriting to social media engagement, and management.

Content Creator

Achmad Sofari Usman

Ari completed his English Education Degree, majoring in Intercultural Communication, Translation, Interpreting, and Sociolinguistics. Ari is very passionate about language, education, and culture, yet open to explore a wide range of different fields.


For over 5 years, Ari has been involved in both national and international organizations and volunteering activities. Ari is an alumnus of Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiatives. In 2020, Ari facilitated the U.LabX Massive Open Online Course and worked together with the U.S Embassy, the United In Diversity, and American Corners across ASEAN state members.


Recently, he has been working on writing his research on cross-cultural perceptions and intercultural communications.

Content Creator

Lauren Beanland

Lauren is currently enrolled in a government graduate program, focussing on international relations and Human Resources functions.


She is interested in the fields of international education, youth empowerment and the ASEAN region

Content Creator

Yu Nandar

I am a passionate Myanmar national with the strong will to support the community that raised me up. I has a bachelor of business management and diploma in accounting and finance.


While working full time as an assistant marketing manager in the interior design industry, I am also volunteering at AASYP to be a part of community who are making the bonds between ASEAN and Australia stronger.

Graphic Designer

Ana Theresa Valles

“Pay the blessings forward.” Ana believes life should be lived not just for the self, but also for others. Currently a full-time Talent Acquisition Specialist, she helps job seekers get employed.


She joined AASYP to reach a larger community that extends beyond the Philippines to ASEAN and Australia. As one of the team’s Graphic Designers, she’s excited to share her passion for art for causes and events that ignite learning and empower the youth.

Graphic Designer

Sharon Rose Girsang

Sharon is currently studying for Architecture Bachelor Degree at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia.


Sharon also develops in interest towards journalism, which is why she joins her university’s journalism team. She also has a deep interest in graphic design and editing, as well as movies and books.

Graphic Designer

Michella Devina Hermawan

Michella is currently a second-year undergraduate Architecture student at Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia.


Driven by her passion for design in general and creating value through problem-solving, she puts forth her best effort to enhance her working capacities as well as professional skills while making a positive social impact through volunteering activities.

Graphic Designer

Veronica Mandasari

Graduated from Tenth of November Institute of Technology, Indonesia with a major in Urban and Regional Planning.


Been in a wide range of knowledge, I had worked in Urban Design consultant for five years, and currently working as a design and communication consultant in Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. Besides my main work, I have been volunteering as english tutor for children in my hometown. I also been working on a couple of projects for Asean Youth Organization of Japan and Simuka Education Project in Gambia, Africa.


I have a great communication skill gained since in I was in college. Distributing tasks in a group and facilitating an international event (UN Habitat – Urban Youth Meeting) are ones of the examples. Moreover, I had an opportunity attending an international conference, presenting research about walkability as one of the urban design’s element.


The most current event I attended was
Asia-Pacific Women Conference in Cambodia, learning about self development and meeting great women from all the Asia-Pacific countries.


Media Coordinator

Andre Kwok

Andre is the media coordinator for ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership.


He is a third-year Law/Asian Studies student at the Australian National University. Andre is an associate editor of New Mandala based at the Australian National University’s (ANU) Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.


Andre is interested in digital societies, conflict reconciliation and international law.

Media Coordinator

An-Giang Hoàng Võ

My name is Vo Giang Hoang An, I am currently pursuing Logistics and Supply Chain Management majoring and Economics and Finance minoring at RMIT University Vietnam. Moreover, I am working as a Content Creator at Tinhte.vn, which is an IT news website with high-tech news, science news, and how-to/tutorials on the use of devices and software in the forum format.


I am responsible for creating and writing multiple articles on various subjects, including technology, social, science, Mobile Devices. In addition, I am an introverted person, I often feel shy when I meet new people. Therefore, I want to become more open to make new friends and expand my network.

Video Editor

Metta Karina Putra

Metta Karina is currently finishing her Architecture Bachelor’s degree at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia. Thanks to her upbringing, she developed an altruistic and creative trait.


She is eager to help communities with her capabilities and develop her skills as an experienced graphic designer.

Newsletter Editor

Hai Bang Nguyen

I am currently a Marketing student at Western Sydney University (Vietnam campus). My great passion are Education and Social Intercourse. My biggest goal in life is to open a school for the children in need. I believe that every child deserves good education.

Newsletter Editor

Emily Shelley

I am a third year student currently studying a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) at the University of New South Wales. I am passionate about using media to educate and inform young people about global issues and international affairs, and currently hold a role as Media Director at the UNSW Diplomacy Society.


I am also currently completing a research internship in the Office of the Shadow Minister for International Development, investigating Australia’s role and responsibilities in the Pacific to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. In my spare time, you’ll find me at the beach, bushwalking in a national park, or trying out a new recipe!

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