Meet The Team


Creative Director

Ana Theresa Valles

“Pay the blessings forward.” Ana believes life should be lived not just for the self, but also for others. Having bloomed into a Talent Acquisition Lead in 2021, she has been helping job seekers kickstart their career.

She joined AASYP to reach a larger community that extends beyond the Philippines to ASEAN and Australia.

As the organisation’s Creative Director, she’s excited to lead a vibrant team to create on-brand designs that raise awareness regarding timely issues and broadcast goal-geared events spearheaded by AASYP and its partners— all igniting learning and empowering the youth.

Content Director

Scarlett Nguyen

Scarlett is a 3rd-year student majoring in International Economics at Foreign Trade University in Vietnam. With her sparkling interest in cutting-edge technology and marketing, she has been taking the role of Content Leader in a variety of fast-growing MarTech and blockchain startups. Experience at international firms has helped her gain an appreciation of the role of intercultural connections and engagement.

With her enthusiasm for international relations, she finds herself interested in ASEAN’s history of economic and cultural integration and is willing to further explore cross-regional relationships.


Media Director

Anjali Nadaradjane

Anjali is a lawyer, writer and policy analyst. She graduated with First Class Honours from Macquarie University in 2020 with a combined degree in Law and Arts (International Relations).

In 2017 and 2019, Anjali undertook exchange programs to Indonesia where she studied International Relations and Law respectively. She also worked at international law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright in Jakarta and the Indonesian think tank, Resilience Development Initiative in Bandung, West Java. Her experiences in Indonesia coupled with her deep interest in the culture, history and politics of the Indo-Pacific region propelled her to get involved in AASYP.

Graphic Designer

Michella Devina Hermawan

Michella is currently a second-year undergraduate Architecture student at Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia.


Driven by her passion for design in general and creating value through problem-solving, she puts forth her best effort to enhance her working capacities as well as professional skills while making a positive social impact through volunteering activities.

Graphic Designer

Arthur Ho

Arthur Ho is a junior at Foreign Trade University majoring in International Economics (Hanoi). He discovered his interest in art while working in the creative industry. His desired career path is to become an Art Director and create stunning illustrations and visuals, with an attitude of constant learning and flexibility.

He has executed a wide range of projects and artworks covering branding, publishing, digital painting, and more throughout his 2 years of experience in the field of Graphic Design and Illustrating. He is a self-assured, enthusiastic, and creative graphic designer with considerable expertise in both print and digital media who is always looking for opportunities to contribute to the creative community.

Content Creator

Andi Fatimah

Andi is an English teacher that has a passion for social media and believes that we can create big impacts from small and positive words. For her, connecting people and culture through social media in this digital era holds a significant key to build understanding and acceptance from different communities around us.

She formerly worked for Australia-Indonesia and Australia-ASEAN Muslim Exchange Program. After one year, she still carries the mission to bring together all different groups and people, to support each other, to learn that we can move forward together, and create a wider opportunity for everyone to have the best version of themselves.

Graphic Designer

Jovinto Kusniawan

“Fear is Temporary. Regret is Forever.” Jovinto always tries to apply these words to every chance and possibilities that come along.

Jovinto is a second-year undergraduate at Bina Nusantara University, majoring in Computer Science. Jovinto believes pursuing our dreams and working hard for it should be available for everyone, which is why he always tries to help everyone he has the chance to.

He is experienced in teaching and leading others. He is also active in a lot of organizations. This gives him opportunities to meet new people and to push himself to see what he can do.

Jovinto is particularly interested in Video Editing and Machine Learning.

Graphic Designer

Adila Ilma

Adila is a law student at the University of Indonesia. During her time in law school, she explored her areas of interest in the creative field, namely writing and graphic and web design. She is passionate about humanizing technology with human-centered design.

She is active in ASEAN youth programmes and activities, fostering her passion for youth development in the region. Some of these activities include the ASEAN-Korea Youth Academic Workshop, the Thailand Institute of Justice Youth Forum, and ASEAN Youth Conference.

Her involvement with AASYP started in 2021 when she joined the organization’s Break the Chain Programme as a delegate and, later on, a delegate of AASYP’s Digital Dialogues. She aspires to contribute by designing a user-friendly and visually pleasing website design that reflects AASYP’s values and mission.