Break the Chain 
2021 Programme

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What is Break the Chain?

Break the Chain brings together young leaders from across ASEAN and Australia to understand, and discuss regional solutions to, issues of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour.  

From January 30th to February 28th 2021, the digital program ran over 5 sessions, delivered on the weekends, with further training and activities provided alongside this.

This exclusive program was co-delivered with partners and provided countless opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and policy outputs through capacity-building workshops and masterclasses with leaders in the field. The program helped us to create an energised, capable, and dynamic network of young people who are the next thought leaders and innovators on the topic of modern slavery and human trafficking. 

2021 Programme Details

The programme consisted of a series of exclusive webinars, skill-based workshops, cultural-sharing, and networking events led by the Break the Chain team, the delegates’ themselves, and leading organisations working on modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour in the region. 

This programme provided delegates with the opportunity to discuss their own unique experiences within workshops and sessions, helping to learn from each other, share their perspectives, and amplify their impact on these pressing issues. 

The programme focused on: 

  • Developing and building knowledge about the nature of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour in the region in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Upskilling young leaders in the field in important skills such as policy pitching, design thinking, and project planning and development
  • Creating a regional network of young people engaged in modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour and promote Australian and ASEAN person-to-person relationships
  • Promoting and amplifying the voices of youth across the ASEAN region and Australia in the modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour space


During the online programme, delegates were required to write one (1) Op Ed on current trends, challenges and cooperation regarding modern slavery in the ASEAN-Australian region. This Op-ed will soon be published on the AASYP Horizons blog and promoted to wider AASYP networks. 

Delegates also worked on a team presentation alongside other delegates, and underwent external tasks to assist knowledge-building and intercultural training.  

In the 4th and 5th sessions, delegates began 
work on the production of our youth voices communique that will soon be delivered, with the help of regional partners, to elevate and provide a platform for youth voices on a broader platform. 


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Programme Schedule

The Break the Chain programme was run every Saturday beginning on 30 January 2021 and concluding on 28 February 2021, with the final weekend taking place on both Saturday and Sunday.

Once delegates have completed the digital programme, they were inducted into the Break the Chain Alumni Programme. The Alumni Programme includes further exclusive social sessions, networking with delegates and partners, and professional opportunity promotion.






Session 1: Launch

  • Introductions
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Delegate Induction
  • Intercultural Intelligence

30 January 2021

4 hrs

Session 2: Discover

  • Regional Responses and Trends during COVID-19, focusing on localised experiences
  • Sharing personal insights from regions and sectors
  • Toolkit for success

6 February 2021

6 hrs

Session 3: Collaborate

  • Panel Webinar: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Collaboration
  • Panel vs. Delegates Crisis Simulation
  • Reflection Session
  • Networking Night with Partners and Delegates

20 February 2021 

6 hrs

Session 4: Act

  • Why a communique?
  • Action focused: what we can do with the collected perspectives from communities 
  • Social Event: Cultural Sharing

27 February 2021

5 hrs

Session 5: Resolve

  • Closing ceremony
  • Final reflection
  • Social Night: ASEAN-Australia Trivia

28 February 2021

5 hrs

What do delegates gain?

The Break the Chain programme aims to connect, upskill, and empower delegates to become the next regional thought leaders and innovators on the topic of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour.

Who is eligible to be a delegate?

We selected 40 young ASEAN and Australian citizens or permanent residents from all sectors and backgrounds. People were eligible whether they were a young professional, business person, faith leader, early-career researcher, student, or social changemaker! 

All successful delegates must have some form of passion, knowledge, and experience of modern slavery, human trafficking and forced labour.

Selection Criteria:

  • 18-29 years old
  • Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia or ASEAN member states
  • Experienced and passionate about modern slavery, human trafficking, or forced labour
  • Motivated and willing to commit the time for all sessions and activities
  • Demonstrated leader
  • Clear communication skills
  • Good written and spoken English

Applications are now closed.

2021 application outcomes were advised in mid-December, 2020.

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Please note that successful applicants are required to sign up as members of AASYP at Members are able to access our programmes, exclusive events and opportunities.


Yes! Break the Chain is open to ALL Australian and ASEAN member citizens or permanent residents aged 18-29 years old who have demonstrated passion and experience in modern slavery, human trafficking and forced labour.

Yes! If you have a demonstrated passion and understanding of these issues, definitely apply.

    • 26 hours over the course of 1 month
    • 6 hours on Saturdays + Sprint Weekend + time spent on op-ed
    • You must be able to attend a minimum of 80% of all activities to apply.

Yes! Whether you’re on exchange or working in another country, as long as you’re an Australian/ASEAN citizen or permanent resident and willing to commit the time, you can apply for the programme.

Unfortunately, this program is only open to citizens or permanent residents of ASEAN member states and Australia.


SD Strategies Logo

SD Strategies is a boutique consultancy who is passionate about helping businesses turn corporate aspirations into tangible action. They support businesses to understand modern slavery, identify gaps in systems and processes and implement practical actions to manage operational and supply chain risks. SD Strategies helps companies shape policy, advance practice and strengthen accountability to integrate respect for human rights and environmental sustainability into their business decision making processes.

Founded by Fran Baxter and Marcela Lapertosa, Value Learning Pty Ltd is a consulting business committed to advancing global competence and fostering intercultural understanding. Value Learning provides consultation, facilitation, and program design and development to education, non-profit, and government organisations. 


Walk Free, powered by Minderoo Foundation, is an is an anti-slavery organisation headquartered in Australia. The Foundation focuses on a multi-faceted approach to engage a number of stakeholders, including governments, businesses, academics, civil society, and faiths, in global initiatives to drive change and build awareness around the complex and often hidden nature of modern slavery.

The Bali Process Regional Support Office (RSO) provides technical support to the Bali Process and to strengthen regional cooperation on refugee protection and international migration, including people smuggling and trafficking in persons.

Rumah Faye has a vision of a world where every child’s right to live, be protected, grow up, and participate is met. To see that vision come to life, we have a mission to raise awareness in our community about child trafficking and hopefully create a home for survivors of trafficking.

Anti-Slavery Australia is the only specialist legal practice, research and policy centre committed to the abolition of modern slavery in Australia.

World Vision is a community of change makers – generous Australian donors, community members, staff and valued partners who mobilise to make a real and lasting difference in lives around the world. 

Migrant CARE works to strengthen the protection of women migrant workers from exploitation and discrimination by improving the protection and services provided by the government.


The Ethical Trade Alliance has been established to simply leverage innovative technology to enable consumers to make informed choices about the products they purchase. 

The Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation

The Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation was founded 41 years ago, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The quality society should be built since childhood, by ensuring the fulfilment of basic rights and needs, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics [“H.O.M.E.] is a Singapore-based charity founded in 2004. HOME is dedicated to empowering and supporting migrant workers who find themselves victims of human rights violations and suffer abuse and exploitation.

Pacific Links logo

The Pacific Links Foundation invests comprehensively in at-risk women and youth to prevent trafficking, and in survivors to help them build new lives.

unchained logo 1

Unchained Solutions is a social enterprise that inspires Australian organisations to be leaders in making an impact on modern slavery through the Australian Modern Slavery Act. 

Voice of the Free is a Philippine-based hybrid organization that combines social care, social entrepreneurship, and mobilization of social movements to achieve lasting social change. 


Village Focus International is based in Laos and dedicated to ending trafficking through integrated action linking care (shelter, health care, counselling) to cause (land and food security).


The Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) is the peak, non-profit business association involved with the promotion and facilitation of trade and investment between Australia and Indonesia.

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