AASYP Review 2020

Youth Voices

20 young thought leaders give their take on the challenges and opportunities of ASEAN-Australia cooperation

What is the ASEAN Australia Review?

The ASEAN Australia Review is AASYP’s flagship publication for young people across Southeast Asia and Australia to voice their perspectives and analysis of issues important to the ASEAN-Australia Relationship in fifteen long-form articles.


2020 has been a dynamic year globally and for the ASEAN-Australia region. COVID-19 has had far reaching and multifaceted consequences for Southeast Asia and Australia, and the challenges and opportunities for collaboration and multilateralism have never been more pressing.


Articles in the 2020 ASEAN Australia Review cover three main themes:

  • Political Security Cooperation
  • Economic Cooperation
  • Socio-Cultural Cooperation
Dom H-T

Dominic Harvey-Taylor

Ankush Wagle

Ankush Wagle




Meet the Contributors

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