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About Us

AASYP brings together the energy, ideas and engagement of youth in Australia-ASEAN relations.

Who Is AASYP For?

AASYP empowers young people aged 18-29 years old from across ASEAN and Australia to engage with each other and the most pressing issues of today. We build young people’s expertise and engagement with ASEAN-Australia affairs, and provide tangible opportunities for young people to engage in promoting peace and prosperity across the relationship.

What we do

Build Knowledge

Raising awareness amongst youth

Our team of regional editors publish articles containing latest analyses and insights. Opportunities and breaking news are offered in our fortnightly newsletter and via our communication channels.

Inspire Engagement

Getting young people involved

We run capacity building events through our regional hubs, publish career resources and opportunities which help young people build careers in the ASEAN-Australia space.

Create connections

Linking Australia and ASEAN

Our flagship ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum will bring together 40 outstanding young leaders from across ASEAN and Australia to forge connections, build collaboration and shape the future of the relationship.

Our Story

The ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) was founded by New Colombo Plan scholars and alumni who identified a lack of understanding between the people of Australia and Southeast Asia. Established under the principles of international cooperation, the organisation is designed to equip future leaders with the skills, networks and knowledge to respond to the geopolitical challenges of the twenty-first century. The inaugural ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum in 2019 provided the region’s emerging young leaders with the opportunity to connect with each other, develop their leadership skills and professional networks in a four-day intensive programme. 


AASYP was co-founded by Hayley Winchcombe, Cameron Allan, Nash Mesquita-Mendes, Patrick Stafrace, Thomas Da Jose and Leonie Nahhas.


The following individuals were inaugural directors and major contributors of the organisation’s success during its first year of operations: Dang Dao Nguyen and Jenny Vuu.


Our 2019 AASYP team are recognised as members of the organisation’s founding team, with the exception of those who did not complete the tenure of their role.

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