The inaugural ASEAN-Australia Young Leaders Forum (AAYLF) will sponsor 40 outstanding young leaders from Australia and ASEAN member states aged between 18 and 29 years old to attend the Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The AAYLF is committed to empowering a diverse group of young people. It aims to attract influential young leaders from across all disciplines and professions including science, policy, business and the arts. 

Importantly, the Forum will bring together a fair representation of genders, abilities, regional/remote status, LGBTQI+ and those of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

As the AAYLF will be hosted in English, a strong command of the language is essential. Knowledge of an additional ASEAN language is an asset that will be highly regarded.


To apply for the AAYLF, potential delegates will need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be aged between 18 and 29 years of age as of 29 November 2019.

  2. Have a good command of English

  3. Able to commit to completing an online pre-forum curriculum

  4. Be available to attend AAYLF in Jakarta between 28 November and 03 December 2019 and meet any applicable visa requirements

  5. Have an interest in regional developments in ASEAN member states and/or the ASEAN-Australia relationship 

  6. Be motivated to act as an ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Leader for a duration of 12 months following the Forum

  7. Hold a valid Australian or ASEAN member state national passport

  8. Submit their completed application (consisting of both the written application and short video) by the submission deadline of 09 August 2019

Selection Criteria

The application process is only one stage, but it consists of two equally important parts; a written application and a short video submission. Within your application, we will be assessing candidates on a whole-of-person approach, looking not just at your qualifications, demonstrated knowledge and experience, but also at the personal attributes that make a capable young leader.

The AAYLF aims to connect and empower outstanding young people from across Australia and ASEAN. The Forum will equip delegates with the tools and skills needed to forge a prosperous and collaborative future. You should share responses that demonstrate your action-oriented work ethic, cross-cultural experiences, critical thinking skills and dedication to your field of study or profession. Your innovative thinking and willingness to pursue a career in the Australia-ASEAN space will also be factored.

The AAYLF is a practical, hands-on Forum encouraging young leaders to develop collaborative & problem-solving projects within the Australian-ASEAN region. Delegates will be invited to serve a one-year term as AASYP ASEAN-Australian Strategic Youth Leaders following the Forum. To be successful, you should demonstrate strong personal character and service-oriented leadership qualities in your application.

At its core, the AAYLF is a regionally-focused Forum. Its purpose is to interlink the region whilst focusing on three core community pillars: economic, socio-cultural and political-security. Together, these pillars form the foundations of the ASEAN Vision 2020 for a peaceful, stable, prosperous and outward-looking region. In your application, you should exhibit awareness of issues facing ASEAN member states and/or the ASEAN-Australia relationship as well as a commitment to the region’s development.

In particular, you are encouraged to demonstrate your passion to drive regional positive change in relation to AAYLF’s 2019 focal points within the pillars:

  • Digital Economy (Economic) 
  • Disaster Resilience (Socio-Cultural)
  • Counter-terrorism (Political-Security)