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AAYLF will converge young leaders from across Australia and ASEAN with the skills, tools and expertise required to articulate a bold, passionate vision that shapes the future of the region


Southeast Asia and Australia are intensely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. As one of the most disaster prone regions in the world, there are significant human, economic and environmental costs on communities impacted.

Sustainable cities

How can we create cities that are sustainable, powered by green energy and that have clean mobility? How do we unlock regional cooperation to drive innovative solutions for Future Cities in 2050?
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Business fuels our world, creating the energy, food, employment, entertainment and opportunities that we want. Our industries need to support, power and flourish within our future cities. Let's unlock public-private-partnership.

Fueling economic dynamism

How can we promote industry and government collaboration to secure the best outcomes for youth and future citizens of Cities in 2050?
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Smart Cities
ASEAN is one of the fastest growing and innovative digital markets, boasting multiple start-up unicorn companies while Australia has advanced technology companies and entrepreneurship programmes. Let's harness tech and innovation.

SMART Cities

How can we best utilize these economic hubs and opportunities for the development of e-commerce and digital services to unlock a digitally connected community between Australia and ASEAN's Future Cities?
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tips & tricks

Tips for writing your mini essay


Before writing, read up on predictions and trends for future cities and consider the potential impacts of these changes on people's lives and the environment.

Be concise

Keep your message focused and easy to understand by using short, clear sentences and paragraphs and avoiding complex language or jargon.

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Fine tune

Review and revise your piece carefully, checking for errors and logical consistency, and consider getting feedback from others to improve your writing.

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Focus on perspective

Take a stance and express your opinions clearly, using evidence and examples to support your arguments.

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Engage your readers

Connect with your readers on a personal level by using examples and anecdotes to illustrate your points and encouraging them to think more deeply about the topic.

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Use a killer fact or evidence

Use a well-chosen fact or statistic to support your argument and make your piece more persuasive, but be sure to cite your sources properly and avoid overwhelming your readers with too much data.

It starts with YOUth

"Australia’s engagement with ASEAN member states will have a direct influence on our future prosperity and security. It is critical that the next generations of Australians have sophisticated knowledge of and networks with this important part of the world."
Penny Burtt
Head of Public Policy, Stripe APAC

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