AASYP Reset Upskilling Module – Lesson 5


Pitching and Telling Your Story

45 minutes




What is a Pitch?

At its simplest, a pitch is an opportunity to introduce your idea in a limited amount of time. 

Why is it a valuable skill to learn?

  • Pitching helps you to communicate and articulate your ideas more effectively – ideas are great, but they’re even better if you can explain them to other people
  • Pitching provides you with opportunities to refine and improve your ideas  
  • Pitching can help you persuade people people to be interested in your ideas or to support your work

There are many scenarios that this skill can be useful, including:

  • Job interviews
  • Networking events
  • Seeking investment or partnerships
  • Winning arguments against family members or friends
  • Many more

What makes a great pitch?

A perfect pitch is like a perfect recipe – it doesn’t exist. Every audience will bring different perspectives and understandings and you will have your own way of sharing your story and idea. However, there are some key ingredients or elements that can help you develop a structure that you can continuously refine and improve.

One way you can learn how to develop your pitch is to watch or think about some of your favourite speakers and why you enjoy listening to them. 

  • What is it that makes them great? 
  • What strategies do they use to grab your attention?
  • What makes them or their story so likeable or relatable?

You also need to understand your audience. Questions you may want to consider include:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they care about most?
  • What can you offer them and what can they offer you?

Key ingredients for a ‘perfect’ pitch

  • A helpful acronym that helps the AASYP team to remember some key characteristics of a great pitch is the 3Ps – preparation, practice and passion. 


In order to convey your idea in a clear, concise and compelling manner, you need to prepare. Identify your most important and unique points - what sets your idea and you apart from everyone else?


Almost no one has ever managed to deliver a great presentation or speech on their first try! Start practicing your pitch before you’ve even written it. You can call a friend or family member to casually talk about your idea or you can work in your team to help each other develop and improve.


Last but not least - passion is crucial! If you are excited and truly care about what you’re doing and the problem you are trying to solve, it will be very obvious to whoever you are speaking to. This is when knowing your why, understanding your unique strengths and being able to leverage them to tell your story will come in handy!

Key Elements of a Pitch

1) Who are you? Introduce yourself – name, organisation/cause, etc.

2) What is the problem? Describe problem you’re trying to solve in one sentence

3) What is your idea or solution? Explain your idea in one sentence

4) Why should we care? Why are you the best person to solve this? Why should we keep listening to you? What do you want from the audience? 

5) Your ask – What do you want from your audience? 

Purpose: to grab your listener’s attention

AASYP Reset Example

Hi my name is Jessie and I am leading the programming and delivery of the AASYP Reset, a virtual innovation challenge that aims to reimagine people to people relations between youth across Australia and Southeast Asia. Why are strong people to people relations important? In an increasingly connected and disconnected world, it is crucial that young people have opportunities to learn and collaborate so that they can address complex issues in our region and shape the future.  

I think that the AASYP Reset can help, because it offers youth an opportunity to develop creative problem-solving skills and cross-cultural skills, build their personal and professional networks and pitch their ideas to an expert judging panel and large regional audience. If you’re a young person interested in any of these things – I’d highly encourage you to get involved! 

Example Pitch Structure

There is no single correct way to pitch an idea. If you are feeling stuck, you can this this example as a starting point to help you develop your pitch.

Hi I’m (name)! I’m from (company/organisation/cause/etc) and I want to (explain problem you want solved)

If (problem) isn’t fixed then (bad thing(s) that will happen)

I think (explain your idea or solution) can help,

because it/I am/have (your skills, knowledge, experience, expertise).

It would be great if you could (what you want them to do).

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