AASYP Reset Upskilling Module – Lesson 2

45 minutes





Before you do something, it’s important that you know why you’re doing it, right?

If you haven’t already seen this very old (but very inspiring) TED Talk presented by Simon Sinek, watch at least the first 10 minutes before you move onto the next activity.

YouTube video
Simon Sinek

Why is your vision important?

Knowing your why helps you to:

  • Encourage others to care about the problem you raise
  • Be personally invested in trying to solve it, and
  • Persuade others to trust you and your idea as a potential solution

Some questions you might want to consider when starting to develop your idea:

  • Why are people to people relations between youth across Australia and Southeast Asian countries challenging? Why are they challenging right now? 
  • Why do we want to improve people to people relations?
  • Why does our team care about this specific problem? How is it affecting us personally?
  • Why are the perspectives and ideas of young people important in strengthening people to people relations?
  • Why are you, a team of young people from Australia and/or Southeast Asia, important in addressing these issues? Why are your specific skills or experiences valuable? What do you know about your local communities or your countries that others don’t?

Activity: The 5 Why's

Watch this short video for an overview of the 5 Whys technique and how it can be useful to help you identify the root cause of a problem. 

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