AASYP Education Officer Recruitment

We are currently recruiting an Education Officer to join our newly formed Education and Careers team. The Education Officer will work closely with the Education and Careers Director to develop knowledge products and resources that enhance young people’s knowledge of ASEAN-Australia relations.

This position will push you to innovate and design new products, lead the implementation of your ideas and develop a network of relevant experts and stakeholders across the ASEAN-Australia relationship. It will also push you to increase your knowledge of a range of regional issues, and to develop an in-depth understanding of the ASEAN-Australia relationship that you will be comfortable sharing with others. The position would suit someone interested in education and regional affairs.

How to apply

To apply please send your CV, a 100 word statement on your motivation to join the team and relevant experience and a 150 word pitch of an education product that you would like to work on during your term as Education Officer. Please address emails to our Education and Careers Director, Lauren Wilkins, at directors@aasyp.org with the subject line: E06 Education and Careers Officer Application – Your Name.

Some starting ideas for education products you could pitch:

  • it could be a video interview with a specific expert (include questions you would ask)
  • a series of fact-sheets on a specific topic
  • working on a webinar
  • or a podcast series.

Think about what would be an engaging product for young people aged 18-29 years, and what they would like to know about ASEAN-Australia relations.

We’re looking for original and engaging ideas that would be accessible to young people but also provide educational insights to enhance their understanding and expertise.

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