Digital opportunities in ASEAN: Singapore’s startup scene

2018 New Colombo Plan Singapore Scholar Jackson Huang shares insights into the landscape of tech startups and his internship with Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Visenze.

What was it like studying and interning in Singapore?

The National University of Singapore was a great community in terms of the rich student life as well as the tech opportunities available. As a Computer Science student, I had the opportunity to undertake a personal project developing my own chess teaching app to help young players.

I also interned with ViSenze over the summer break. ViSenze is a visual search and image recognition company that uses AI to help retailers like Rakuten and Uniqlo improve revenue and conversions.

What makes Singapore a great place for Entrepreneurs and Technology Startups?

ViSenze is just one of many Singaporean businesses run in the JTC Launchpad at one-north in Singapore. It’s a whole set of buildings that Singapore has dedicated to fostering innovation and technology. I’ve never seen something quite like it before.

Singapore prides itself on being at the forefront of technology and innovation. It’s a hub of leading business and technical experts which are embracing startups and developers

Access to investors, a business-friendly regulatory environment and pathways to the rest of ASEAN make Singapore an ideal incubator for start ups. 


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